Serving Atlanta & All Metro Areas. Network cable installation. Voice cable installation. Data cable installation. Fiber Optics. Free Quote! For over 20+ years, B & B Datacom Services has provided professional, affordable and done right cable installation services for companies such as, Siemens, Coca-Cola and many more. Small to large office cable installation.  

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Atlanta, Ga. Network Cable Installation. Data Cable Installation 
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Voice Cable Installation.

Atlanta, GA, voice cable installation and design services that allow for your present and future expansion. We work closely with your voice vendor to ensure a smooth transition as we complete your voice cabling project.

Fiber Optics Installation.

Atlanta, GA, Fiber Optics installation isn’t complicated when you work with a team of experienced installers. Over 20 years of experience. We can splice and test your fiber optics.    

Data Cable Installation.

Atlanta, GA, data cable installation can be a frustrating project. We work hard to take that frustration away by working with your IT Staff throughout the project.

Your goal is our goal. Get it right the first time and get it done, on-time!


As you search cable installation companies to partner with for your project, important factors such as, quality, professionalism, and industry know-how, no doubt weigh heavily in your decision-making process.

We are ready to lend a helping hand.